Dr. Pavlo Bazilinskyy

Assistant professor at TU Eindhoven

Short biography

Pavlo Bazilinskyy is an assistant professor at TU Eindhoven focusing on AI-driven interaction between automated vehicles and other road users. He finished his PhD at TU Delft in auditory feedback for automated driving as a Marie Curie Fellow, where he also worked as a postdoc. He was the head of data research at NEXTdriver. Pavlo is a treasurer of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) and was a director of the Research and Innovation unit of the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA).


  1. Applied Ergonomics Journal Best Paper award from CIEHF (2021).

  2. Convergence Health and Technology Open Research award from Convergence Alliance (2021).

  3. Finalist of IEEE SMC Franklin V. Taylor award from SMC (2021).

  4. Open Science award from NPOS (2020).

  5. Best Innovator award from MCAA: to reward a member of MCAA who presents the best innovation approach (2018).

  6. Alumni award from EMA: to celebrate the outstanding achievements of alumni of Erasmus Mundus programmes (2018).

  7. European Young Researchers’ award from EuroScience: to recognise PhD candidate who has demonstrated an outstanding research performance, leadership and outreach and has incorporated a clear European dimension in their research (2017).

  8. Best student out of 20 students in MSc DESEM, 2nd year from Maynooth University (2014).

  9. Best student out of 20 students in MSc DESEM, 1st year from University of St Andrews (2013).

  10. Silver prize for the Best paper awards during StuConOS from University College London (2013).


  1. 4TU Design United probe from 4TU.NIRICT (2024).

  2. 4TU.NIRICT Community fund from 4TU.NIRICT (2023).

  3. FAIR Data fund from 4TU.ResearchData (2021).

  4. Support in preperation of CSA (HORIZON-MSCA-2022-ALUMNI-IBA) from European Commission (2022).

  5. Support in preperation of CSA 2024 from European Commission (2022).


  1. Dr. Hao Cheng (Artificial Intelligence, Twente University).

  2. Dr. Jieun Lee (Human Factors, Pukyong National University).

  3. Dr. Francesco Walker (Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University).

  4. Prof. Marieke Martens (Automated Driving, TU Eindhoven).

  5. Dr. Debargha Dey (Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven).

  6. Dr. Tsuyoshi Sakuma (Human-Robot Interaction, Nissan).

  7. Dr. Elif Ozcan Vieira (Industrial Design, TU Delft).

  8. Dr. Roberto Merino-Martinez (Aerospace, TU Delft).

  9. Dr. Yke Eisma (Human Factors, TU Delft).

  10. Prof. Dariu Gavrila (Intelligent Vehicles, TU Delft).

  11. Dr. Claudio Beretta (Sustainability, ETH Zürich).

  12. Dr. Willem Vlakveld (Human Factors, SWOV).

  13. Dr. Jeffrey Hickman (Human Factors, VTTI).

  14. Prof. Klaus Bengler (Ergonomics, TU München).

  15. Emma Johansson (Automation, Volvo Trucks).

  16. Pontus Larsson (Human Factors, Ictech).

  17. Dr. Miltos Kyriakidis (Resilience, Paul Scherrer Institute).

  18. Lars Kooijman (Human Factors, Deakin University).

  19. Dr. Natália Kovácsová (Human Factors, DNV).

  20. Stephan Cieler (Automated Driving, Continental).

  21. Dr. Veronika Petrovych (Cognitive Psychology, VTI).

  22. Dr. Alexander Eriksson (Human Factors, Volvo Cars).

  23. Dr. Bastiaan Petermeijer (Human Factors, NLR).

  24. Dr. Myounghoon Jeon (Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech).

  25. Dr. Riender Happee (Human Factors, TU Delft).

  26. Dr. Dimitra Dodou (Human Factors, TU Delft).

  27. Dr. Joost de Winter (Human Factors, TU Delft).

Invited speakers at my group

  1. Dr. Hao Cheng (Artificial Intelligence, Twente University) – at TU Eindhoven, 12.04.24.

  2. Dr. Jieun Lee (Human Factors, Pukyong National University) – at TU Eindhoven, 03.03.23.

  3. Dr. Francesco Walker (Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University) – at TU Eindhoven, 28.10.22.