Help Ukraine in its fight for freedom

Why help 🇺🇦

My name is Pavlo. I am a Ukrainian citizen and resident of the Netherlands, living between Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Chernihiv in Ukraine. I was in Ukraine on the 24th of February when the Russian army invaded Ukraine. I was able to take my mother to Poland on that sad day. But my 76 years old grandmother could not leave and is threatened by the Russian aggressors now who claim that the Ukrainian population needs to be “denazified”, no matter the cost. My grandmother and I are native Russian speakers. Together with many Russians she was a rocket engineer working on the Soviet Concorde Tu-144. Her father lost his arm in World War II defending Russians. She raised me and I love her very much. And now she is not well, scared, and surviving in a cold basement fearing for her life. This war is very personal to me. I am crying as I am writing these words in Poland while my friends are fighting and dying on the very streets of Chernihiv where we played as children. The video shows what is left from the stadium where I would run with my running club, 500 m from my house. This story of my family is unfortunately only one of the many ones unfolding right now in Ukraine and beyond its border.

Together with my friends in Poland, and Ukraine I raise money and buy supplies to give direct support to civilians who are now risking their lives to protect the liberty in Ukraine. It all started with us searching for components of bulletproof vests for medics and local defenders assembled by our volunteers in Kharkiv. But now with your generous support we go beyond that aim. Now we send other much needed supplies to the medics and rescuers in the zone of aggression.

Now, our initiative is working to respond to the urgent needs of our civilian defenders and state emergency units such as firefighters and medics. The first week of March, there were 40 fires in Kharkiv alone. The state emergency service units are rescuing people with their bare hands without having even basic equipment, such as gloves and protective boots. In response to this, we have already bought and successfully delivered 220 protective gloves, 50 pairs of protective boots, 30 powerbanks (to counteract power outages), 10 electric heaters, tents, sleeping bags, hoses, a reverse osmosis system, a motor pump, and other supplies to support the emergency service units in Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Mykolayiv, Donbass. We also supported our local defenders with surveillance equipment such as binoculars, flashlights, drones, and night vision goggles. And now we aim to buy more drones and night vision goggles for the defence of freedom in Donbass.

How to donate 🙏

Thank you very much for your support and solidarity with Ukraine. Ukrainians are standing strong, but every day we are losing children, women, and men in this horrific war that was imposed on us. We all want the russian destruction to STOP. I emphatically call upon you to help us to stop it. Every dollar or euro you donate helps us to help those who were hit the hardest by the war. Please, donate using the options below:

Bank transfer
IBAN: LT06 3250 0895 3818 4654
Name: Uliana Furiv
Revolut email:
Paypal email:

Plates for bulletproof vests

We are searching for level III protection plates for bulletproof vests (example). If you know where we could order them, or are able to donate a few, please contact me at


The local defenders desperately need drones for surveillance. The drones are vital to understand the next move of the Russian occupying forces and to protect the civilian population in the heavily bombarded Ukrainian cities. If you or you contacts have a drone that you wish do donate, please contact me at

Sleeping bags

Hundreds of innocent civilians are now homeless. They are sleeping on bare soil/concrete floor of a basement in freezing temperatures. Maybe you can donate your old sleeping bag or are in contact with an organisation that could spare some (scouting, campsite, sports society etc.), please contact me at

Send directly to us

Also, we are collecting supplies and donations in Radom, Poland from where they are being transported to the hotspots in Ukraine. Please contact me at and I will share the exact address. Normal postal service (not DHL or any private parcel service) is good and we can also reimburse the shipment costs.